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General Election Pakistan

Philippine Senate Election

2013 Italian Elections

German General Election 2013

The Pakistan Election Commission has allowed 14 new political parties to contest the next general elections. However, the election commission did not discuss the application filed by former president Pervez Musharraf for registration of his party, the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), a newspaper reported.

Election to the Senate of the Philippines will be held on Monday, May 13, 2013. This is to elect 12 of the 24 seats in the Senate. Together with those elected in 2010, they will comprise the 16th Congress. The senators elected in 2010 will serve until June 30, 2016, while the senators elected in this election will serve up to June 30, 2019. The elections to the House of Representatives as well as local elections will occur on the same date. The Philippines uses plurality-at-large voting for seats in the Senate: the twelve candidates with the highest amount of votes wins the twelve seats up for election.
  • Presidential - May 2013
  • Parliamentary - April 2013

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said he would not run in the 2013 Italian elections. Itself better to act as a mentor figure of a group of Italian right. In his statement to the foreign journalists in Rome, the prime minister was 74-year-old was minded to resign from his post.

In surprise move, former German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück said he might seek his opposition Social Democratic Party's nomination to run against conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel in elections in 2013.

Kuwait National Assembly

(Majlis al-Umma) Election 2013

Iranian Presidential Election, 2013

Qatari Legislative Election, 2013

Boston Mayoral Election, 2013
In 2006, the National Assembly passed legislation to divide Kuwait to 5 electoral districts only, which was a major issue in the preceding election campaign. The voter now can cast votes for 4 candidates and in each district the highest 10 candidates earn seats. It is hoped that this would make vote buying more difficult and decrease the importance of tribe, family and sect in elections. The eleventh election of the President of Iran will be held on June 2013.


Parliamentary elections will be held in Qatar for first time in early 2013.

Currently the Consultative Assembly (Majlis as-Shura) has 35 appointed members with only consultative tasks. It is not elected; it is not democratic. However, the 2003 Constitution of Qatar calls for a 45 member elected Legislature, which is to be made up of 30 elected representatives and 15 appointed by the Emir. The actual elections have been postponed three times; most recently in June 2010, when the Emir extended the current unelected Consultative Assembly until 2013.

The Boston mayoral election of 2013 will occurr on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.
Potential candidates

* Thomas Menino, Incumbent mayor of Boston.
* John M. Tobin, Jr., former Boston City Councilor.

Monaco National Council

(Conseil National)

Iran - City and Village

Councils Election

Los Angeles-2013 mayoral election

Virginia - 2013 gubernatorial election,

Monaco elects on national level a legislature (parliament). The National Council (Conseil National) has 24 members, elected for a five year term, 16 elected by a list majority system, 8 by a proportional representation. At the last national elections held in February 2008, the incumbent government was reelected, though with a reduced margin of victory; the number of seats won remained the same as in the 2003 election for the two coalitions which won seats. City and Village Councils (full title is: Provincial, City, District and Village Councils) are local councils which are elected by public vote in all cities and villages throughout Iran. Council members in each city or village are elected by direct public vote to a 4 year term.
According to article 7 of the Iranian Constitution, these local councils together with the Majlis (Parliament) are "decision-making and administrative organs of the State". The councils are in charge of electing mayors, supervising the activities of municipalities; study of social, cultural, educational, health, economic, and welfare requirements of their constituencies; the planning and coordination of national participation in the implementation of social, economic, constructive , cultural, educational and other welfare affairs.
The 2013 Los Angeles mayoral election is an upcoming election scheduled for March 5, 2013. Antonio Villaraigosa, the current mayor, will be unable to run due to term limits.
Los Angeles holds non-partisan elections. In practice however, most mayoral candidates and city council members are Democrats. The following people have filed with the City Ethics Commission to be eligible to begin fundraising:

* Wendy Greuel, City Controller and former President Pro Tempore of the Los Angeles City Council 2nd District.
* Jan Perry, City Councilwoman 9th District.
* YJ Draiman, Neighborhood Council Board member representing the Los Angeles Northridge East Neighborhood Council District 12.
* Kevin James, Conservative Radio Talk Show Host and Attorney
* First Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner
* Filmmaker Malcolm Mays
* Jose F. Di Raimondo

Several other political and business leaders have hinted at a run for mayor in 2013, though none of them have officially announced their intentions or formed an exploratory committee. They include:

* State Senator Alex Padilla
* County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky
* Developer Rick Caruso
* City Council President Eric Garcetti
* Actor, Comedian and Talk show host George Lopez
The Virginia gubernatorial election of 2013 will take place on November 5, 2013. The incumbent governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, will not be eligible to run due to term limits established by the Virginia Constitution. Virginia is the only state that prohibits its Governor from immediate successive terms.

Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe is reportedly interested in running again as the nominee of the Democratic Party.

On the Republican side, state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli is considering running for the Republican nomination.


  Country Election Date
  Georgia Presidential January 2013
  Barbados Parliamentary January 2013
  Cuba Parliamentary January 2013
  Armenia Presidential February 2013
  Cyprus Presidential February 2013
  Czech Republic Presidential February 2013
  Monaco Parliamentary February 2013
  Malaysia Parliamentary March 2013
  Malta Parliamentary March 2013
  Albania Parliamentary March 2013
  Paraguay Presidential April 2013
  Montenegro Presidential April 2013
  Italy Parliamentary April 2013
  Paraguay Parliamentary April 2013
  Italy Presidential May 2013
  Andorra Presidential May 2013
  Mongolia Presidential May 2013
  Philippines Legislative May 2013
  Iran Presidential June 2013
  San Marino Parliamentary June 2013
  Qatar Parliamentary (Tentative) June 2013
  Cambodia Parliamentary July 2013
  Yemen Presidential September 2013
  Macau Parliamentary September 2013
  Rwanda Parliamentary September 2013
  Austria Legislative September 2013
  Azerbaijan Presidential October 2013
  Ethiopia Presidential October 2013
  Tajikistan Presidential November 2013
  Honduras Presidential November 2013
  Saint Helena Parliamentary November 2013
  Honduras Legislative November 2013
  Chile Presidential December 2013
  Turkmenistan Parliamentary December 2013
  Pakistan Presidential (Tentative) 2013
  Cuba Presidential 2013
  Dominica Presidential 2013
  Ecuador Presidential 2013
  Maldives Presidential 2013
  Mauritius Presidential 2013
  Nauru Presidential 2013
  Serbia Presidential 2013
  Trinidad and Tobago Presidential 2013
  Zimbabwe Presidential 2013
  Portugal Parliamentary 2013
  Greece Parliamentary 2013
  Kuwait Parliamentary 2013
  Grenada Parliamentary 2013
  Belize Parliamentary 2013
  Djibouti Parliamentary 2013
  Aruba Parliamentary 2013
  Japan Parliamentary 2013
  Pakistan Parliamentary (Tentative) 2013
  Bhutan Parliamentary 2013
  Bulgaria Parliamentary 2013
  Cayman Islands Parliamentary 2013
  Chile Parliamentary 2013
  Germany Parliamentary 2013
  Iceland Parliamentary 2013
  Israel Parliamentary 2013
  Lebanon Parliamentary 2013
  Liechtenstein Parliamentary 2013
  Montenegro Parliamentary 2013
  Nauru Parliamentary 2013
  Northern Mariana Islands Parliamentary 2013
  Norway Parliamentary 2013
  Swaziland Parliamentary 2013
  Bangladesh Legislative 2013
  Congo (Brazzaville) Legislative 2013
  Ecuador Legislative 2013
  Micronesia Legislative 2013
  DR Congo Subnational - Legislative (Tentative) 2013




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